How this one exercise helps my IBS in a few minutes a day.

A picture of a kettlebell, used by Shawn to help ibs.

Spoiler: Kettlebell swings DRAMATICALLY helped my IBS! I've been writing about IBS for years, and this exercise has helped my IBS more than almost anything else. Once I got rid of my IBS food triggers, I found some small things that helped, but NOTHING like what has happened since I started kettlebell swings. I went from loose stools and diarrhea, constipation and gas to having mostly … [Read more...]

Angela Privin, an IBS Success Story

Angela Privin from

By Angela Privin Being diagnosed with an “incurable” health condition when I was 28 years-old, was a low point in my life. I had constipation dominant-IBS and my doctors had nothing but bad news for me. Because most doctors say IBS is incurable, it discourages people from finding natural solutions. But I’m very rebellious, so I set out alone on a journey to cure myself. It took me years, … [Read more...]

Heather Van Vorous and Help for IBS

Heather Von Vorous

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to an amazing resource for IBS information. It's a site called by Heather Van Vorous and company. So who is Heather? Heather Van Vorous is a patient expert on IBS. That means although she's not a doctor, she has a vast amount of personal experience with IBS. Heather has had IBS since she was 9 years old. As anyone who has IBS … [Read more...]

Milk Sensitivity

Cow nursing her calf.

Have you been weaned yet?? I told my new gastroenterologist I had a milk sensitivity.  He wasn't surprised, but what he said surprised me. He told me just about everyone a problem with a dairy sensitivity sooner or later. I asked him why people should have so much trouble digesting milk, cheese, and other dairy products.  I wanted to hear what he'd say. He told me that in nature, animals … [Read more...]

The Best Intestinal Probiotics for IBS:Get the Germs You Need!

Probiotics stamp.

Why you should spend money to buy bacteria. Studies have shown that intestinal probiotics, (often just called probiotics), can help IBS symptoms. The trouble is that many people buy probiotics that don't contain the right bacteria for IBS. Okay, what are intestinal probiotics and why do I need them? "Probiotic" is a name for bacteria that your body needs (more below). Probiotic … [Read more...]