How this one exercise helps my IBS in a few minutes a day.

A picture of a kettlebell, used by Shawn to help ibs.

Spoiler: Kettlebell swings DRAMATICALLY helped my IBS! I've been writing about IBS for years, and this exercise has helped my IBS more than almost anything else. Once I got rid of my IBS food triggers, I found some small things that helped, but NOTHING like what has happened since I started kettlebell swings. I went … [Read more...]

Angela Privin, an IBS Success Story

Angela Privin from

By Angela Privin Being diagnosed with an “incurable” health condition when I was 28 years-old, was a low point in my life. I had constipation dominant-IBS and my doctors had nothing but bad news for me. Because most doctors say IBS is incurable, it discourages people from finding natural solutions. But I’m very … [Read more...]

Heather Van Vorous and Help for IBS

Heather Von Vorous

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to an amazing resource for IBS information. It's a site called by Heather Van Vorous and company. So who is Heather? Heather Van Vorous is a patient expert on IBS. That means although she's not a doctor, she has a vast amount of personal experience with … [Read more...]

Milk Sensitivity

Cow nursing her calf.

Have you been weaned yet?? I told my new gastroenterologist I had a milk sensitivity.  He wasn't surprised, but what he said surprised me. He told me just about everyone a problem with a dairy sensitivity sooner or later. I asked him why people should have so much trouble digesting milk, cheese, and other dairy … [Read more...]