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Heather Von Vorous
Heather Von Vorous
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I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to an amazing resource for IBS information. It’s a site called HelpforIBS.com by Heather Van Vorous and company.

So who is Heather?

Heather Van Vorous is a patient expert on IBS.

That means although she’s not a doctor, she has a vast amount of personal experience with IBS.

Heather has had IBS since she was 9 years old. As anyone who has IBS knows, a person can get pretty desperate to find some relief.

Some people will keep searching until they find things that help them.

And that’s just what Heather did. She’s spent years reading and writing about IBS.

Heather is a published author and cooking show host.

I have her book “The First Year: Irritable Bowel Syndrome” . I’ve used it as part of my research for this site, and I can recommend it as an easy read, with a LOT of helpful information.

Heather has other books and media that she’s produced. She even had a cooking show for people with digestive problems called “Heather Cooks”.

Heather’s website has massive amounts of information, attacking IBS from every angle. You can find information about Yoga and IBS, hypnosis and IBS, her books, products she’s developed to help IBS symptoms… Just about everything.

Helpforibs.com even has a huge message board where people can ask questions or talk back and forth about IBS and living with IBS.

So why am I talking so much about the “competition”?

I admit I love when people (like you) come to my site. But helping you find information that you need is what’s important. (Quick reminder, I’m not a doctor either).

I hope you can find useful stuff here, but I know I’m not the only game in town. Besides, my writing style may not be for everyone :).

Good luck out there.

And keep up the good work, Heather.

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  1. Mija says

    Helpful information. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 1/2 yrs ago and I also have IBS, diverticulosis, and esphosgeal spasms. I have already removed alcohol, and eat very healthy, and just started to remove dairy, gluten and caffeine. Now I am wondering if fructose, (in fruit) is causing me problems.:( I know apples do. I LOVE all fruit. But reading your wesite has encouraged me to try to eliminate it and I will add alot of fresh veggies instead. I am training for a full marathon and it is not easy with the pain I experience with fibro and the stomach issues. So I hope all this diet change helps. I am going to give it months for me to really feel all the benefits. Thanks for the help! :) Be well!

    • says

      I’m impressed by your ambition to do a marathon, Mija! I wanted to say, be careful removing foods from your diet without an organized plan, like a food elimination diet. I have some information on that here on the site. You want to avoid having nothing left to eat! I went that route before I new better. I can’t argue with veggies being good for you though :). Be well, and stay strong for your marathon. If you think of it, let me/us know how you made out!

  2. Mija says

    Hi Shawn, Thanks so much for the encouragement! :)Okay, will do. I have done this before…at one time I went to a vegan diet. And gluten free. it was too intense. Talk about nothing to eat. So I will do it very carefully. Marathon is not until Feb next year. you take good care too. :)

  3. rene says

    hallo, I have gone through your web site and to me it feels as if I am intollerant to everything on it now!I had a parasetic infection in December which made me end up in hospital and losing a lot of weight. I am small of posture,but now most of my clothes are falling off me! Since then I have been struggling with what I think is IBS. I went through all the tests,did colonos, gastros…all clean.But still I am gassy, bloating and sitting with rumbling tummy, even during the night.I stated feeling a bit better in April,but suddenly the gassiness and rumbling tummy is returning. Luckely I do not have diariea anymore.My problem is that I really need to pick up weight and am struggling to do so. By eliminating so many foods, I will not be able to pick up my lost weight. This is a catch 22 situation….can you advice me?

    • says

      Hello Rene, I don’t like “give advice”, but I can tell you what I’d do. Carbs seem to be the best way for most people to put on weight. I’d try to find one I can eat. Rice works for most people, since it’s rare to be allergic to it. I’d probably eat that late in the day or even close to bedtime. I’d put butter on, unless I’d found it gave me trouble (it doesn’t bother me though). Then I’d see what happens. Some people might have trouble with gas because of the carbs though. Another thing that helps some people is probiotics. I have some info on that:

      When I first got IBS, I lost 50 pounds, I only needed to lose 20. I was very underweight. After finding various carbs I could eat, I found that 50 pounds again. I hope you can get some pounds back on you.

      All the best! Shawn

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