IBS Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a common condition with an unknown cause. It affects the large intestine, also known as the colon. The condition is chronic and is often characterized by intermittent flare-ups of symptoms. IBS does not cause any changes to the bowel tissue and it doesn’t lead to an increased risk for colorectal cancer.

According to the recent researches, as many as 1 in 5 American adults shows signs of IBS. Women are affected more frequently than men. However, both men and women of all ages can be affected by IBS. Even children can have the condition. IBS symptoms may be mild or severe. IBS can be managed with medication as well as lifestyle and diet changes.

IBS Symptoms

Abdominal pain

Pain and cramping is a hallmark symptom of the condition. This pain may be persistent or may come and go. The pain can be a very intense, stabbing kind of pain or a more dull ache. The pain may be throughout the abdomen or localized to one area, like the lower left side. In IBS, this pain is often relieved by having a bowel movement.

Feeling bloated

A feeling of fullness or tightness in the abdomen is another classic IBS symptom. Sometimes this feeling of bloat will be accompanied by a visible increase in the diameter of the abdominal area. It can feel like the stomach area is swollen.


A bloated feeling and gas go hand in hand. Feeling gassy and experiencing frequent and regular flatulence can be a part of IBS.


Frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom may be a part of IBS, as diarrhea is another common symptom. Frequent loose, watery stools can also lead a person to become dehydrated. Dehydration isn’t a symptom of IBS itself, but it can be a related symptom as a result of diarrhea.


In addition to diarrhea, the opposite kind of problem is another common IBS symptom. Constipation means having infrequent bowel movements or bowel movements that are very hard to pass. Constipation can also exacerbate other IBS symptoms like pain, bloat, and gas. In addition, constipation can lead to secondary problems like hemorrhoids from the strain of trying to expel dry, hard stools.

Mucus in the stool

It is always normal for there to be some amount of mucus in the stool. Mucus helps keep the intestines moist and lubricated. However, in the case of IBS, the amount of this jelly-like substance may be increased.

Possible Additional Symptoms

Additional syptoms may accompany the typical symptoms of IBS.

Symptoms of the upper GI tract

  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • reaching satiety (fullness) quite soon when eating

Non-GI symptoms

Non-GI symptoms may also present. These symptoms may be a bodily reaction to the primary IBS symptoms, although these sometimes may be due to an overlap with a secondary condition.

  • fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • sleep disturbances
  • sexual dysfunction
  • low back pain
  • headache

Presentation of IBS Symptoms

Several symptoms may present at once, like pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Or, the symptoms will present only one at a time. There are four primary subtypes of IBS:

  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • mixed – both diarrhea and constipation
  • alternating – a pattern that shifts between diarrhea and constipation

In women, the presentation of symptoms may line up with the menstrual cycle with symptoms appearing or becoming worse at certain times during the cycle. Hormones clearly play a role in IBS for women.

Symptoms Not Associated With IBS

There are some symptoms that you may think fit into the general pattern of IBS that are really indicative of a more serious problem. These symptoms should always prompt a visit to a doctor to help diagnose the underlying cause, which potentially could be quite serious.

Blood in the stool

If there is blood mixed in with diarrhea or normal stool, this is not an IBS symptom. Rather, it could be a sign of something very serious. Bloody stool should prompt an urgent visit to the doctor. The only time blood in the stool could conceivably be related to IBS is blood from hemorrhoids caused by the strain of constipation.


Anemia is a low count of red blood cells that often causes weakness and fatigue. Anemia may be caused by blood loss through the stool. Sometimes, you may not be aware that there is blood in the stool until anemia brings it to your attention. Anemia may be a sign of a serious problem, but it is not characteristic of IBS.

Unexplained weight loss

Weight loss that is not intentional is not a symptom of IBS. Unexplained weight loss suggests a different, potentially serious, problem.


Running a high temperature or having chills is not an IBS symptom. It may be a sign of an infection or another illness.

Triggers That Make IBS Symptoms Flare Up

It is important for IBS sufferers to pay attention to things that may make their IBS symptoms flare up or become worse. Lifestyle changes and changes to diet may help minimize the frequency or severity of symptoms.

Diet triggers

Certain food and drink can trigger IBS symptoms, though this is different from person to person. Some common diet triggers of IBS symptoms include:

  • processed foods
  • coffee
  • carbonated drinks
  • alcohol
  • dairy products, especially cheese
  • breads and cereals made with refined grains
  • high-protein diets
  • too much fiber
  • fried and fatty foods
  • large meals
  • gas-causing foods like beans, brussels sprouts, and cabbage
  • food or drink made with fructose or sorbitol

Lifestyle triggers for IBS symptoms

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • not getting enough sleep
  • certain medications, like antibiotics and antidepressants
  • not getting enough exercise

Because of the nature of common IBS symptoms, living with IBS can be an uncomfortable, isolating, and embarrassing challenge. However, with support, treatment, coping strategies, and lifestyle changes, IBS can be managed and you can live a full and happy life.


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    Keep up the remarkable job !! Lovin’ it!

  2. Reply

    Hello Shawn,

    Thank you for your forum. I am not sure I have IBS or anything else but the symptoms are same. My GP said IBS with “?”.
    Its not a regular symptom for me as I am constipated from my teenage and never seen this kind of things before, also I have acidity.

    As soon as I have tried to go out from my normal routine which is often needed for my work schedule its started like my bowel is not clear and felling like not emptied properly. And immediately my anxiety and depression started as I think I have colon cancer or something more serious and started googling it and I feel loss of appetite, nausea and visit my GP he again said nothing to worry as he did Ultrasound, Endoscopy, CBC, Blood Test, Stool Test, Urine Test and nothing found and made a trial a lot of stuff and decided it may be IBS.

    But as he placed a question mark I always think he is not right and start thinking again. I have no blood in stool not much other symptom just when I got anxious I think I have hotflash so I told that my wife she test immediately and said nope its because I am anxious and depressed. Same time when I am anxious I feel like I am tired and fatigue but I can do my work properly.

    Just need to know what you suggest.

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    Hey all,i was wondering if anyone can help me.My sister got her gallbladder out 14 years ago and after that she was diagnosed with IBS,and it’s getting worse.She can’t eat because she get severe spasms,she can’t go out because she afraid to get spasm attack,even the smell of food cooking make her having severe spasms.She become so tired,and now she have cracks on the side mouth which been there for weeks and no sign of healing.She tried every diet and every medications and nothing works.Thanks for anyone who can help me with informations in advance !!

    • Reply

      Zayid, when you say your sister has tried every medication, does that mean she’s seen a doctor or doctors? She has symptoms that she really needs to discuss with a doctor. Good luck to her.

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    Sslast post 2013 ?

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    Just found this site and like the info. I only wish you could make a forum for IBS C and IBS D. It would be easier to be able to find out what to try without reading every post.
    I have pretty bad IBS-D which tends to control most of my life. I have never been able to determine good foods from bad. Other then certain fried foods are a big no no and Imodium I can’t live without. There doesn’t seem to be any rime or reason. One day a certain food is fine and the next day it is not.
    I get pain which goes away after quick evacuation. Pain in the abdomen feels like someone sticking a sword up my rectum. Thinking of trying that VSL3 stuff.

  6. Reply

    It’s possible for symptoms to come and go between time??

    • Reply

      I absolutely believe that Samantha. Symptoms, especially those related to eating habits seem to come in flare ups for many people.

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    My bowel problems seemed to be triggered after a viral infection and I spent a lot of time getting tested for everything STD’s, Crohn’s, Celiac but everything kept coming back negative and I just got diagnosed with IBS.
    It wasn’t until I had an endoscopy and blood test that I found out I was Lactose Intolerant which was only this year in March 2014 and I suffered with health problems since January 2009.
    For people suffering bowel problems you have to be persistent with your health care provider if you just don’t think your symptoms are just IBS request tests until you get some answers, too often Doctors will just put you under the IBS diagnosis and do nothing to help you.
    I am still struggling with my health and no doubt do have some symptoms which are IBS related but I have noticed some improvement since cutting Lactose from my diet and my other advice would be get on a forum and chat to people who are suffering.
    They know what you are going through and can give you some good advice on what could be causing your problems.

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    Hi shawn
    Im not sure if i have ibs but a few months ago i started waking up in the middle of the night very nausea my mouth would run so bad id have to stand in the bathroom for 5 minutes until it stopped it started doing it more and more and my stomach constantly hurt i went to my doctor and they believed i had an ulcer and acid reflux they but me on some meds which seemed to help some what but now its doing it again ive also had diarrhea all day ( im in the bathroom every 15 minutes) on top of it all i have a severe anxiety disorder which started 3 years ago every medicine i took made it worse im just worried that something else is going on and im not sure if these symptoms can be ibs looking forward to hearing from you thanks

    • Reply

      There is a big connection between anxiety and stomach and bowel trouble. If you can get the anxiety under control, it may help with some of you digestive tract issues. From what I’ve read over the years, nausea isn’t really an IBS symptom. It DOES sound like my reflux symptoms for a few years ago. Turns out I have to take twice as much reflux medication as most people. I even had to get special permission from the insurance company. But it’s worked out great for me. I hope something here helps YOU!

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    I have IBS – or if not IBS then I have a very sensitive gut.I am a 71 yr old man who suffers from M.E (or possibly and IMO more likely – Fibromyalgia…my GP is open minded about it but we agree I have IBS). Either way , the thing that causes me the most discomfort is IBS. Bloating, excess wind (both ends) and the fairly constant feeling of needing to go are the main problems ,altho’ in fact , control itself is not a problem .The quality varies from normal to very slightly loose – with occasional days of slight constipation.

    I wonder if alcohol may be the trigger for me. I do like a drop of rum …but am not a beer or wine drinker.Seems to me that it is following an evening or two with drinks that the problems mostly appear….seems I may have to decide between the pleasure of the tot of rum and the pleasure of not spending all day feeling like I should be perched on the loo!

  10. Reply

    Glad I found this site. Having a heck of a time. Dr says try ‘FODMAPS.’ It makes no sense to me. Cut out everything, then bring stuff back one at a time. Do you know how hard that is? Or stupid? Think I’m gonna try it in reverse, cut out just what I think it is at first and work from there. And I know exactly how some of you feel with people thinking you’re pregnant. I’ve already tested positive for intestinal inflammation and it’s so tender I can only wear stretch pants. Gonna cut out soy completely next week. Here’s hoping.

    • Reply

      Hey there Jegz. Diet changes CAN be complicated and difficult to manage. I think the easier method IS to stop eating the things that are likely to make a person sick, then add back things until one of the food items makes you sick again. But that’s just my opinion, and it IS a pain in the butt to do. Can you tell us more about the tests for gut inflammation?

  11. Reply

    i have been having dull ache in the intestine/bowel since 5 weeks ago when i had really bad diarrhoea i am terrified of having bowel cancer and have booked in for a colonoscopy but after reading this site maybe ive got its?

    • Reply

      You’re doing the right thing Roger. Have it checked out so you can put your mind at ease. There are also other things to consider with abdominal pain. You don’t want to spend your life worried and in pain if you don’t have to. Even if it were cancer, you want to catch it early! I wish you the best possible luck. Colonoscopy prep sucks, but when I had mine done they found something called polyps. Not uncommon, but good to get rid of.

      Health and happiness to you. Shawn

  12. Reply

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me out, I first started having problems a couple of months ago when I changed my diet to a healthier one and I started to eat more vegetables and I started having very loose bowl motions where I would be running to the toilet but I cut down on my vegetable intake and then I went back to normal. Then about two months ago I began to release more than normal amount of gas quite embarrassingly it wouldn’t smell great and then about three weeks ago for no reason I would need poo alot more than usual, it isn’t diahorrea type stools where they are watery but I would be on average going four times a day usualły after a meal and they are short bursts of little stools after one another. Before I used to need to release gas then get a cramp in my stomach then release these stools and feel normal until the same thing happened again but now its just stools which are quite light brown in colour but are not bloody or mucusy as explained above. It was not due to anxiety as I didn’t think anything of it in the beginning! Two weeks ago I went abroad where I took Imodium and lomotil to control it and that worked but seems to have gotten worse since I have come back from my trip. I’m planning a visit to the doctor soon just to make sure everything is okay but I’m planning to drink this weekend but reading here it sounds like that’s not such a good idea.

    • Reply

      Hi Sarah, Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I don’t know what it is about trying to eat healthier that might have started this problem. I read somewhere that the bacteria in a person’s gut can change due to diet and possibly exercise changes. I’m glad you’re going to a doctor sooner rather than later. No need to suffer if it’s something simple.

      Your experience with stool and gas sounds quite familiar. I’ve heard people describe just what you are describing.

      As far as alcohol, yes, it may give you trouble. Have you tried it lately? If it hasn’t been giving you trouble, maybe you’ll be alright. It also depends on how long you’ll be drinking, and how much, and how much you’re willing to pay the price the next day, or even later that evening.

      In my experience, it can take a couple of days for irritated bowels to settle down after a binge.

      I hope you got something from this rambling. – Shawn

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    i’ve had diarrhea everytime after i drink alcolhol and dont know what the cause is and would like to find out, it really gets annoying with working in a restaurant. please help.

    • Reply

      Hi Tamara, I have a page about this that covers a lot of this info. . Is it a particular kind of alcohol???

  14. Reply

    Hi Shawn

    For the past few days, I am having this trouble if I have alcohol. I usually have drinks in the night. The next morning the fist stool is a solid/normal one…. immediately followed by a liquid/watery one. A slight pain in the lower abdomen starts. Few minutes later, another call for stool, usually a watery one, and increased pain in the abdomen. Now on, the pain is continuous and frequent calls for stool (just or almost water). Once I had a vomit (while passing the stool), and after vomiting, the pain seemed to be subsided. But few minutes later the pain in the abdomen started increasing…. again a call for stool, another vomit and the pain reduces a little… thus my whole day is screwed up.

    This is happening for the fourth time in the past one month (especially when I drink). Any suggestions please…..

    Thank you

    • Reply

      Well, while I’m not a medical practitioner, but I don’t like the sound of this. You say it happens “especially” when you drink. Does that mean it happens at other times? If it’s been a “month”, you should probably give your doctor’s office a call and see if they have a recommendation. If it were me, and I thought that Alcohol was definately a factor, I would try skipping alcohol for a few weeks to see if the problem went away. If it does, there may be something in the particular type of alcohol, that is causing your trouble. Alcohol can certainly cause the kinds of symptoms your describing (like a hangover).

      Good luck Dams. I hope this info helps you decide what to do. – Shawn

  15. Reply

    For the past 2-3 months I have been experiencing IBS symptoms . Was not sure what it was. Glad I found this page. I too have been having 5-6 stools a day. I sometimes have to go in a hurry after eating. Sometimes have to sit for ten to twenty min. to be sure I am finished.
    I have a lot of bloating and gas. Has anyone experienced weight gain with this condition? You would think with all this elemination I would lose weight, but instead I have gained 20 pounds since this condition started.

    • Reply

      I’ve read that bloating and water retention in the bowels (due to inflamation) can cause some weight gain. I don’t know how true it is. Hopefully some one else will chime in.

  16. Reply

    Hi Shawn, i’m pretty sure you’ve got no idea just how much of a relief it is for me to talk about my IBS symptoms. Let’s just say i’ve had quite a horrid time trying to explain to anyone here (especially my hanging-out buddies) exactly why a bottle of beer would make turn me into a raving maniac if there’s no toilet nearby.
    I used to be able to handle my drinks but for about a year now i just noticed that alcohol of any kind brings excruciating abdominal pain and runny stool for days.
    Here’s the funny thing, i just changed brands recently (about 2 months ago) and the new beer hasn’t been giving me any issues (fingers crossed). Is it possible that IBS could be on the remission? Or am i going to have to end my days sober?

    • Reply

      Hey Funso. Yeah, getting someone to understand (especially your guy friends) can be ANOTHER pain in the butt. Many (most?) beer has some wheat in it. Lots of people have trouble with wheat or gluten containing products. Do a search for gluten free beers and you’ll find quite a few. Anheuser Busch makes one called Redbridge that I found very tasty. I can’t drink alcohol now for other reasons though. Meanwhile, if you like to have a few, I’d say go with the one you’ve found that DOESN’T cause troubles. Hopefully your days of running for the toilet are over! – Shawn

  17. Reply

    Hi Shawn, and other passengers on the SS Housebound.

    I’m a bit similar to another fellow a few posts up.

    Let me begin by saying I have panic disorder (mild, used to be severe, but conquered most with CBT), which sometimes feels like it ties in with the gut. It’s like a scary feeling in the brain or the nervous system translates directly to the lower bowel. I have read that there are similar receptors in both areas, so who knows how aware our guts really might be!

    Second, I had severe pain 10 years ago, and it was found to be diverticulits. Once the bowel came out, the severity of the pain diminished lots, however, the ‘nervousness’ of my lower regions never quite subsided.

    Fast forward to the last three years, and now I am practically a shut-in. One day I will be fine, sometimes even a week or more, then suddenly it switches. A few days of constipation, then suddenly a bowel movement until ’empty’, usually spurred on by a meal that didn’t process too readily. The last bit, sometimes in one ‘session’ sometimes after a fourth consecutive movement in an hour is usually diarrhoea. So in those cases I go through the full spectrum as my body mimics a sea cucumber under attack.

    Other times, a seemingly normal movement will end well, with cramps suddenly besetting me an hour later.

    I’ve kept extensive track, and sometimes certain foods do trigger it. However, other times, my guts seem really gung ho and unmoved, and reward a varied meal with a bring-it-on bravado that I normally only associate with those of ‘normal’ people – you know, the ones that can just go out with friends, walk along the beach, grab a greasy burger, a coke or a beer and drink coffee along the way, and never break a sweat? Not me, not lately.

    Coffee, oh, I love it, but I rarely can drink it anymore, as we all know how guts tend to react to it. And it’s so delicious. I am Dutch, and I grew up drinking coffee. Well, I am half Dutch. I am also half English, which makes me an slave to builders’ tea. Strong, hot, black, and endless. I can tolerate tea a wee bit better, but sometimes the cramps will come when summoned by cuppy no. eight.
    I will cut down on tea, and I will limit coffee somewhat, but I cannot cut them out altogether, no sir!

    Conversely to all the triggers I have mentioned, I seem to have a pretty good tolerance all around for hot dishes. I like Mexican food, and Chinese dishes go down well too.

    Stress is another one. I live in an apartment, and sometimes I can get a little annoyed with the upstairs neighbours’ kids. I can actually feel the anxiety, literally in my lower gi tract. It feels the exact same as waiting to find out whether you’ve passed your exams, or the dentist decides on whether to give you a root canal. It’s instant, and again, there’s that brain-gi connection. It’s that sinking feeling, and sometimes it translates to visits to the wc.

    Well, this has been rather long, and I apologise if it’s too lengthy or inappropriate. I just felt that 1) this looked like a nice place to both share and vent, and 2) if I am detailed in my description and try to leave out as little as possible, then maybe other folks will recognise something and either have suggestions or be helped by it themselves.

    Thanks much all, and may your tums treat you gently.

    • Reply

      Hi Cal,

      I loved the wit and candor of your comment. It makes me think you should have your OWN blog. No it’s not to long. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me and with others. People will be helped by it. Meanwhile, I wish you the best, and hope your guts are kinder to you in the future. Stop back anytime. All the best. Shawn

  18. Reply

    And because we’re all talking about symptoms here, I guess I should post mine too.

    – If I have an anxiety attack 10 mins later I need to go to the toilet then and there, no messing around I need to go NOW.

    – If I drink alcohol I spend the next two days with horrendous diarrhoea.

    – Certain foods, mainly processed crap which I tend to stay away from anyway can leave me in agony. The bottom on my stomach completely cramps up, in the same place I get period pains. Very shortly after that I have to go to the toilet then and there. It’s not pleasant. The gas pains are excruciating. Those are the ones that make you burst out into a cold sweat and generally feel like you can move.

    – My stomach bloats up really easily, especially after lunch.

    – I avoid junk food and fizzy drinks at all costs now, alcohol is also being cut out. The anxiety stuff.. I can only deal with that once my anxiety gets better.

    It can honestly be so painful.

    So there we go, that’s why I think I suffer from it.

    • Reply

      Thanks for sharing your story Louise! I have a very similar story. No period pain though ;). I know there is a MAJOR link between anxiety or panic attacks and IBS. Maybe if you can get some of your anxiety under control it will help some of symptoms. All the best! Shawn

  19. Reply

    Hello :-)

    I just came to this page after a quick google on my phone.

    I haven’t been diagnosed with IBS but am pretty certain I suffer from bouts of it. I suffer quite badly with anxiety (which I’m being treated for).
    Once a week or so going to the toilet is horrendous. It nearly always follows after an anxiety attack, if I go out and drink alcohol or eat junk food. Pizza is a bad one. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night crying because the cramps are so bad.
    It’s horrible, it makes you sweat, stops you from being able to think and I generally just end up on all fours crying haha.
    It’s miserable.
    Thank you for creating this page, I haven’t been to the doctor about it but am 99% sure I suffer from this.
    Anyone else who does has my full sympathy, the pain can be unbearable sometimes.

    • Reply

      Hello again Louise, I’m glad you’re being treated for anxiety. Like I said on another of your comments there is a well recognized connection between IBS symptoms and anxiety or panic. Pizza and alcohol (like beer) are a perfect storm for IBS. Alcohol, dairy, wheat, excess fat; each of these cause IBS symptoms for some people. Thanks for sharing your words and comfort. All the best!

  20. Reply

    I’m wondering if i have IBS or not, cheese (or rather, sufficiently large quantities in one sitting) seems to be the main trigger – i can be fine but then a couple of hours after eating (apolagies for the rather graphic description) i will get very bad gas pains, and eventually evacuate a very diaretic bowel. The weird thing with alchahol is i’ve now had the same effect after drinking alchahol twice, immediately after drinking only half a pint of cider, and yet at other times i’ve drunk much more and had no ill effects? If it IS IBS it doesn’t seem all the time. Lookoing for any help anyone can offer as it’s embarassing when out with friends and having to run off to the bathroom a couple of times after only one drink.

    • Reply

      While that does sound like IBS, it could be a sensitivity to alcohol, or certain types of alcohol. Lots of people have problem with dairy, and often the more you eat the worse it is. It could also be something else. I know it’s embarrassing, but I’d run it by your doctor just to be safe. Also, I recommend that you keep a diary of what you eat and drink for a while. There may be some IBS triggers that rear their ugly heads. Also, that info could be useful and save you time later if you have a discussion about foods with a doctor or dietician. Good luck Andrew!

  21. Reply

    no and it doesn’t happen all the time either. and when it decides to happen, it only takes a few sips. strangest thing. only thing i have found is alcohol flush syndrome but its really only common in asian people.

  22. Reply

    does anyone else get bad pain on the left side? I went back and forth between doctors thinking first it was my ovary, but then they thought it may be digestive. just wondering if anyone else has this problem. Also, if i drink certain type of alcohol my face gets red and blotchy. it only happens on occasion and once it happens i can drink for the rest of the night with no problem. its very strange and i was wondering if anyone else experiences this.

    • Reply

      That’s where I’ve always gotten my pain. And I don’t have any ovaries ;). The area where my pain has been is on the lower left side in something called the sigmoid colon. I don’t know anything about the blotchy skin from alcohol though. Could that be an allergy? Is it always from the same kind of drink?

  23. Reply

    I’ve looked at the Rome criteria and am wondering if what I have is IBS or just some bowel sensitivity. I don’t get ‘watery’ stools per say but often have to use the bathroom between 3-10x per day, depending on my diet. It follows a lot of the same patterns you have like bad with fatty foods, bad with fiber (esp. some veggies in salads, dried fruit, etc), bad w/too much sugar, bad with milk etc. But I don’t have watery stools, just A LOT of stools and sometimes loose and sometimes solid. What gets me is how many times I have to go and that I sometimes will finish and won’t be ‘done’. My doc said that I have a hyperactive motility/peristalis. I think really the only thing is to be super careful with my diet. Thoughts? And thank you!

    • Reply

      This sounds really familiar. I have to by super careful with my diet as well. To some degree it could be said that IBS IS a hypersensitive overactive or underactive bowel (at least in my opinion). I’d keep looking for answers. Nobody has them all yet. Good luck Wally.

  24. Reply

    is there anything i can do about this excess bloating, i look pregnant most of the time

    • Reply

      That depends on (I suppose) on whether it’s gas or swollen intestines. I’ve read that either or both can cause persistent bloating. Have you talked to your doctor or a nutritionist? There could be a food, beverage (alcohol) or other irritant causing your problems.

  25. Reply

    i have been diagnosed with IBS years ago but the last 18 months i have been vomiting every 2-6 weeks for 24 hours and then it turns into vomiting with diarreha at the same time.i have no pain or cramps but are often bloated. i am at my witts end and exhausted and my doctor is now starting to do all sorts of tests again .is this common with IBS or can he be right and it might be a case of my antidepressants playing havoc with my insides?
    the vomiting is that bad that i cant leave the bthroom for the first few hours and am so dehydrated after 12 hours and too weak to get up on my own. it then takes 2 further days until i can eat solids.

    help .

    kind regards


    • Reply

      Tina, I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. Though I’m not a doctor, I do know that vomiting is NOT a typical symptom of IBS. I urge you to follow up with your doctor, and if he or she can’t help you soon, I would strongly consider getting another doctor’s opinion (commonly called a second opinion).
      Also, if it were me, I’d try keeping a brief diary of what’s going on each day (food, pills, hormonal changes) to see if there’s a pattern.

      I hope you can find your answer soon!

  26. Reply

    i just was wondering if there is anything to stop the pain im only 17 and have it.

    • Reply

      Hi Chelsey
      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It seems your computer has been causing people some problems on the internet, so I wanted to avoid getting pulled into a hack or some such.

      To answer your question, once you have a diagnosis of IBS there are several options to help stop the pain. There are medicines that help with the spasms (these didn’t work for me). Some people use (enteric) peppermint oil to soothe the bowels.

      BUT, in my view the best thing to do is to remove IBS trigger foods from your diet. To find out more about that, I’d visit the Food Intolerance page, here at solving-the-ibs-puzzle.com.

      There are other things like yoga, hypnosis and guided meditation/visualization. These help control the pain and symptoms to a remarkable degree according to some studies.

      I hope it helps!


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