Well, everyone else has an About Me page, so here is mine.  I’ve been writing this site since 2007, and hope that people find my experiences and information helpful.  Many peoples suffer for years, needlessly, before finding out they have IBS.

Part of that is because no one wants to talk about “toilet habits” or admit they have any bowel problems.

I don’t necessarily want to talk or write about it all that much either.  But someone has to “keep it real.”

Some of the medical sites have some good information, but are hard to understand, and/or are not very specific.  They also don’t speak much from personal experience.

Many of the other sites are just infomercials.  No real experiences.  No straight talk.  Most of these sites offer no value in my opinion.  People NEED good information about IBS.

So here’s the straight talk.  I do my best to make it readable.  Much of what I have to read in order to create this site is pretty difficult, or boring, or both.

In the end, I’m hoping to help people find out about this condition or related conditions so that they can maybe suffer less.

I’d like to make a difference.

Still more about me???

So some people want to know more.  Okay.  I’m in my 50’s now (as of 2014), have a wonderful wife, and two great kids; a  daughter and a son.  After that comes the menagerie.  An English bulldog,  2 cats, and my wife’s corn snake.

We live in New Hampshire in the country, surrounded by trees.

For work that pays, I work as an Information Technology Manager of a financial institution.

And I typically wear cowboy hats (partly for style, partly to avoid sunburn ‘cuz I’m bald on top  :).

There!  Is that enough info?

If not, ask any questions in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you.



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