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Well, everyone else has an About Me page, so here is mine.  I’ve been writing this site since 2007, and hope that people find my experiences and information helpful.  Many peoples suffer for years, needlessly, before finding out they have IBS.

Part of that is because no one wants to talk about “toilet habits” or admit they have any bowel problems.

I don’t necessarily want to talk or write about it all that much either.  But someone has to “keep it real.”

Some of the medical sites have some good information, but are hard to understand, and/or are not very specific.  They also don’t speak much from personal experience.

Many of the other sites are just infomercials.  No real experiences.  No straight talk.  Most of these sites offer no value in my opinion.  People NEED good information about IBS.

So here’s the straight talk.  I do my best to make it readable.  Much of what I have to read in order to create this site is pretty difficult, or boring, or both.

In the end, I’m hoping to help people find out about this condition or related conditions so that they can maybe suffer less.

I’d like to make a difference.

Still more about me???

So some people want to know more.  Okay.  I’m in my 50’s now (as of 2014), have a wonderful wife, and two great kids; a  daughter and a son.  After that comes the menagerie.  An English bulldog,  2 cats, and my wife’s corn snake.

We live in New Hampshire in the country, surrounded by trees.

For work that pays, I work as an Information Technology Manager of a financial institution.

And I typically wear cowboy hats (partly for style, partly to avoid sunburn ‘cuz I’m bald on top  :).

There!  Is that enough info?

If not, ask any questions in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you.



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    Thanks for creating a website for this horrible condition!!! I’m awaiting further tests but after 20+ years I am so, so over it. My stomach dr says Lactose Intolerance more than likely, my Bowel Dr says Gluten Intolerance & IBS more than likely. I go from throwing up with huge painful spasms (equivalent to late labour pains) to hours of D!! Then get over that & become constipated instead! I came across your page this morning because I had a huge IBS attack lasting for 4 hours in the night & I wanted to know if coffee was ok to drink! I had suspected coffee & now thanks to you I’m drinking a lemon/ginger tea!! Coffee is going to have to go & I also splurged yesterday & had a few coca cola drinks!!! Now realising what probably made me so, so sick!! Top it off my 8 month old baby woke up 1.5 hrs after I was finally able to get some sleep & my two autistic boys soon after that!! Anyway enough babbling, thank you!!!!

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    Just found your website as my brother-in-law was diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivity syndrome. I got IBS in 1966 while pregnant with my youngest daughter. I was finally diagnosed about five yrs. ago, however the Specialist had no idea what to do for it. I went on-line & found Heather at helpforibs.com. She is in Seattle & I’m in Victoria.B.C.Canada, so am able to get Acacia powder from her. I am almost completely normal now, as long as I use it in my food or drink. I cannot have ice cream or whipping cream, otherwise fine. I did get Dr. Michael Mahoney’s hypnotherapy tapes from England, through Heather & that helped enormously. Glad to see someone else is getting the word out there.

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      Thanks for the information Dorothy. I’ve not used acacia, or Dr. Mahoney’s tapes. I’m glad they’ve helped you! Heather’s site has a lot of products that look helpful.

      Glad you’re feeling better.


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    Hey Shawn, just wanted to pop in and say you’ve done a great job on this site and the content is very helpful to those who suffer from IBS (including myself), your articles are certainly a cut above most other websites on the topic and I hope you’ll continue publishing your advice and experiences.

    I will also say that this site has great potential to be a sizable revenue stream for you, the content is awesome but I feel you are under-utilizing it in terms of monetization (if this is on purpose I commend you). If you would like to bring in more money from this site, I’d recommend doing some SEO work and trying to flesh it out a bit, maybe picking up a custom theme for it (heck you can get a cool logo for your banner on fiverr for $5), implementing either affiliate links or banner ads, working on building your email list, if you want some advice you can use the email I left.

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      Thanks Kyle. I appreciate the kind words. As far as monetization, I could use the money to keep this site going. It might also motivate me to write a bit more, as this takes a lot of time. Thanks for the tips as well. I’ll consider it. ~ Shawn

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    Dear Shawn

    I am very excited!, I have just discovered your website. It seems to make much more sense than all the doctors and alternative therapists who have never been able to help my IBS problems.

    I hope to be back to you if my life improves.

    Thank you

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      That is very flattering Christine! Thank you – Shawn

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    Just found this page tonight. I have had problems with my ” nervous stomach” as my family called it for all of my life. But recently , I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis and IBS ( mostly the big yucky D) . I am trying so hard to get my gut straightened out. And I just wanted to say that your web site has the best info I have found. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY. hope it is ok if I say God Bless you for taking some of the shame out of having this condition. I am 45 , been married to my wonderful husband for almost 29 years and I am ready to live my life without worrying if I am gonna make it to the bathroom on time. If you know what I mean. Thanks again for all of the good information.

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      It is certainly okay for you to say God Bless. And I appreciate all you have to say here.

      Honestly it’s people like you that keep me going. Thank you for thinking this information is worth something.

      May God bless you, and may you find things that help your condition.
      All the best!

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