IBS Mind Body Connection

This is your brain on IBS

Your IBS may show up on a brain scan! For as long as I can remember, I’ve read that irritable bowel syndrome has no organic cause. I argued on one of the pages around here, that this was impossible. There had to be some kind of change or things would, be the same. I.e, no IBS. It turns out that science may have been looking in the wrong place. A study finds changes in brain structures. That&... »

IBS and Hypnosis… A cure?

Can your brain cure IBS? Studies say yes. Studies by researchers at Department of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester, UK have shown something amazing. They’ve been treating IBS with hypnosis with dramatic success. People with IBS were taught about bowel functions and then hypnotized during 12 hypnosis sessions. After completing the series many people were cured of IBS symptoms... »

Placebo IBS pills work even if the patient knows they are fake.

Researchers put together a study to see if fake pills could have a real effect for people with IBS. And the pills worked! Unlike most placebo tests, the researchers told the people in the study that the pills were placebos, but amazingly the pills still helped. Basically the doctors said, “Here is a fake pill for your IBS symptoms.” And many people in the study got relief from IBS. Thi... »

IBS Depression and Anxiety

What a miserable trio! Many people with IBS find that they also have bouts of anxiety and/or depression. If this sounds like you, please know that you are not alone. Scientific studies have shown that people with IBS are very likely to also have problems with anxiety and/or depression. IBS and Depression… Is there a link? Depression is believed to be caused by problems with neurotransmitters... »

Stress and IBS

There is a reason IBS is sometimes called a “nervous stomach.” Studies show that stress doesn’t CAUSE IBS, but anyone with IBS knows that stress can trigger  IBS symptoms or even a full IBS attack. Any time there’s a  lot of stress in my life I immediately start to feel the abdominal pain in my colon, and other symptoms of IBS. So what is the link between stress and ibs. St... »

The Brain Gut Connection

How your mind could be giving your body IBS, and what you can do about it. Most people have heard the expression “If you have the guts”. There are a lot of expressions like that: Intestinal fortitude, do you have the guts, fire in the belly, a gut reaction, I had a gut feeling about that, etc. What that’s basically saying is, if you’re really scared or nervous it will affec... »