Medical Help for IBS

Hydrogen Breath Test

One simple test, many helpful results! A hydrogen breath test can be a useful diagnostict tool. It’s often used to determine what kinds of problems might be going on in your bowels. Although some people think of this test as a lactose intolerance test, it has many other uses. I’ll describe some in a minute, but first of all… What is a hydrogen breath test? At the end of the day, ... »

Rifaximin and IBS

Proof that bacteria may be causing your IBS symptoms. Two important clinical studies from the University of North Carolina, show Rifaximin (sold under the brand name Xifaxan) can reduce or eliminate IBS symptoms in many people. Researchers gave people with IBS-D (the diarrhea type) 550 milligrams of Rifaximin 3 times a day for two weeks. About 40 percent of the test subjects had relief from their ... »

Finding an IBS Doctor

Don’t try to face this alone. If you have IBS symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS, you need to find the right doctor. An IBS doctor (not an official title but it should be in my opinion), is someone that you can talk to, someone who will listen, someone that will take the time to explain things. He or she also needs to know or believe in IBS.  Not all doctors do. Sorry, but finding an IBS Doctor ... »