Caught Giardia from my Dog

Caught Giardia from my Dog

I caught giardia from my dog, which caught it in a poorly drained dog park.

Mine was confirmed by a stool test. My dog and I both took a course of metronidazole.

My dog recovered but maybe I didn’t (although I don’t have yellow stool, so maybe I did). I have IBS all the time now, or maybe it’s recurring giardia since metronidazole does not actually “clear” giardia.

Because the rest of the world uses fenbendazole to clear giardia, I’m tempted to try a course of fenbendazole: the amount for a 150-lb. goat, since I weigh 150 lbs. I bought it at a farm supply place.

I’m also going to follow the advice often given above to eat meat, fish, and veggies but not corn, also to go gluten- and lactose-free.

I hate to think of giving up wine too! My main worry that I could somehow become guilty of giving this awful condition to other members of my family.

This is a user story from Linda originally posted in a comment to What is Giardiasis? – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment on January 2018. 

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