Hospitalized for 3 days with severe dehydration

This time last year I had a bad bought of Gastro and was hospitalized for 3 days with severe dehydration. It was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever been through. A couple of weeks later, as I made the transition from bland food to a more regular diet, I suddenly had a terrible flare up with the most intense nausea.
My nausea turned into a full-blown panic attack and the endless cycle began from that point.

It’s been a whole year, I’ve seen doctors, specialists, had an endoscopy, I’ve tried alternative medicine, seen multiple naturopaths and I still have no solid answer as to what my problem is – it baffles me that no one has brought up IBS and has passed it off as indigestion and slapped me with a prescription of Nexium (which I refuse to take for long periods of time)

Feeling constantly ill every day has triggered terrible anxiety which I’ve been seeking psychological help for. It feels as though I am on a Ferris wheel which will not stop, sometimes it speeds up and sometimes I get stuck in one position.

Upon having an endoscopy and an abnormal amount of blood tests at the request of my GP, the gastroenterologist concluded that I am also coeliac and have severe lactose intolerance. I have always had lactose intolerance however the changes in my stomach lining and intestinal tract means I can no longer digest gluten properly. For me, adjusting to this has been the hardest thing.

After one year of suffering, I am glad to have found this thread and others who are suffering from the same things as me. My anxiety and changes in stomach and bowel function have driven me to a point where I avoid social events and going to work because I am worried I’ll have an ‘episode’.

Hopefully, these feeling will subside and I am able to regain control over my life.

Thanks, everyone x

This is a user story submitted by Belle on 7th of July 2018. 


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    I was finally diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivity. It comes with severe nausea and pain. Thankfully I live in a state where marijuana is legal on the medicinal level.nit takes away the nausea and pain and allows me to eat and relax. Good luck!!

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    IBEROGAST has saved my life. I can eat like i used to again. I cant live/eat without it. All tha specialists couldn’t help me i found these amazing German herbs that have been around for over 40 yrs. Ive put so many people on to them and they all concur. Thank you for my life back Iberogast.

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