IBS and Hypnosis… A cure?

Can your brain cure IBS? Studies say yes.

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Studies have shown that hypnosis can cure IBS for years in some people!
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Studies by researchers at Department of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester, UK have shown something amazing.

They’ve been treating IBS with hypnosis with dramatic success.

People with IBS were taught about bowel functions and then hypnotized during 12 hypnosis sessions.

After completing the series many people were cured of IBS symptoms.

According to studies published in the much respected “Lancet“, hypnosis can provide long lasting relief from IBS symptoms.

What is hypnosis?

First of all, don’t wig out :). Hypnosis is real, and it’s not strange or bizarre.

It’s NOT what you see on stage shows. That’s very different from what a hypnotherapist does.

I’ve been hypnotized for other things on several occasions, and found it very relaxing and helpful.

In fact everyone passes through a state just like hypnosis every day. Once when falling asleep, and another time while waking up.

Hypnosis is nothing more than semi-consciousness. While in this state, the hypnotist can speak to the subconscious.

How do IBS hypnosis treatments work?

The subconscious can change bodily functions, including blood flow, heart rate, how fast you breath, and other things. That’s a proven fact. It has something to do with the mind-body connection.

There are many theories about how it works. In truth, it’s not really clear.

But it works.

And somehow hypnosis can get your bowels to work the way they’re supposed for many people.

When 100 people with IBS were treated with hypnosis, 90 of them showed improvement in their IBS symptoms!

Hypnosis stopped IBS symptoms altogether in 40 of the 100 people!

The rest said they felt more in control of their symptoms.

Relief lasted until after the study ended, months later and even years later.

Do I have to go to Manchester in the UK to get treatment?

There are hypnotists and hypnotherapists in many parts of the USA, the UK and other places that are trained in hypnotic IBS therapy.

There are also many IBS hypnosis treatments that claim to follow the “Manchester protocol”. They can be purchased online, just about anywhere you live.

There are also other recordings or series’ of recordings that claim to treat IBS with hypnosis.

Do recorded hypnosis IBS treatments work?

According to pubmed sources (scientific papers, etc.), hypnosis recordings do work. However it seems they are not as effective as meeting with an actual hypnotherapist for IBS hypnosis sessions.

Finding a hypnotist or recording series that will work for you:

Find a hypnotist or hypnotherapist that treats IBS at your local hospital if you can. Sometimes hospitals have special hypnosis classes for pregnancy (delivery), IBS, etc.

If you can’t find someone there, then you’ll have to try someone in your area, or get a recording series. Either way, make sure to ask for references!

And check those references. Hypnotherapy can be expensive. You need to find someone that is trustworthy, and whom you’re comfortable with.

As of this writing I haven’t tried a hypnosis program to recommend to you. Sorry :(.

Please let other readers and me know if you find a program or person that works for you. Write it in the comments section!

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    Hypnosis is best thought of as two separate parts: ‘trance’ and suggestion. A hypnotic induction produces a ‘state’ of hypnosis. Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in a number of clinical studies. Hypnosis having number of benefits like hypnosis help us to over come our bad habits like to stop smoking,stop nail biting and many more.

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    Have just started hypnotherapy for post infection IBS, fingers crossed.

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  3. Reply

    Thanks for the support. Since more and more studies seem to show IBS is mainly a “brain” problem, I’ve decided to give another go at it. That’s the cool thing with hypnosis: the more you do it, the better it works. I’ll keep you informed on the results!


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      So true Guillaume,

      Good luck! I can hardly wait to hear of your experiences.

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    I’ve personally tried the IBS audio program 100, which can be ordered online: http://www.ibsaudioprogram.com/

    And had positive results with it. The user reviews are highly positive, so it is worth a check-out.


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