How reading someone else’s story can make you feel better about your own.

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Sometimes it helps to know other people have IBS stories like yours.
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So you’re wondering if you’re all alone. This IBS thing must make you a freak right? WRONG.

There are a lot of real people like you out there. People with IBS.

Why read other peoples’ IBS stories?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people come by my site to read the “My IBS Story” page. In fact it’s one of my top pages.

That means there is a need for people who have IBS to feel like they’re not all alone. A need for people like you, to read about someone else that has your problems… People that have your IBS symptoms.

So you can stop feeling like a freak.

But if you’re looking for lots of IBS stories, I don’t have that (yet).

But I know where you can find them.

Here are some great places to find or tell IBS Stories: by Sophie Lee

Sophie has a vast site full of stories by people with IBS. People like you and me.

The nicest part of that is that she has the stories broken down into happy stories, sad stories, and even funny stories!

So I went there, and I saw some of my own IBS experiences. And somehow that helped even ol’ Shawn, (me), the long time writer of THIS site.

I like Sophie’s site because it’s got a personal feel to it. Sophie is an IBS sufferer of 20 plus years, and her empathy comes through.

She’s even written a book, Sophie’s Story, where she writes about her IBS experiences and things that help.

You can share your story by using the Contact Sophie form.


The IBS Forum at IBS.About.Com by Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Bradley Bolen also has a site with a personal feel.

The IBS forum on her site is full of people with IBS that know what you are going through. They are going through it too.

It’s a great place to tell your story and get feedback from other people with IBS.

Dr. Bolen is a practicing clinical psychologist and an IBS educator. She’s been using those skills to help people with IBS for many years. She has written two books on the subject, which I have to get my hands on!


Your Story” over at

This site is a giant support group for IBS. The “Your Story” section is a place where people with IBS, just like you, share their IBS experiences.

This site doesn’t have Sophie Lee or Barbara Bolen’s personal feel, but it’s a great place to find stories just like yours.

And that can make you feel normal!

Well, more normal, anyway.

Why you should tell your IBS story:

Because having someone to talk to, or share with, can really make you feel better about your situation.

Also, you can get feed back that may point you in the direction of help.

Besides, your IBS story will no doubt help some other poor soul, so share if you can!

Just make sure you come back. I’ll miss you! :)

and of course you can always share your IBS story in my comments section on any page. I’d love to hear from you!