If You have IBS, you have come to the right place..

The IBS information on this site has kept irritable bowel syndrome from ruining my life.  It also contains information about IBS that others have used to greatly improve their lives, or even cure IBS symptoms. Maybe it can help you too!

How long did you have the bloating, diarrhea or constipation of IBS?

And how long before you got an IBS diagnosis?

Most people search for years before finding a name for it.  Doctors run test after expensive test, until you start to lose hope of finding any relief.

But many people believe that a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a catch-all for “We can’t figure out what’s going on inside you.”

There are usually some vague recommendations about fiber and avoiding fatty foods, maybe a pamphlet with a little IBS information, and off you go.

Home.  To the Bathroom.

I want you to know, that can change.

Living With IBS Doesn’t Have to Mean Misery.

There are plenty things you can do to help IBS symptoms.  There are plenty of people that have even found ways to completely eliminate IBS symptoms. What they needed was good information about irritable bowel syndrome.

And there is plenty of IBS information out there.

Finding real help can be a challenge though.  There are a lot of sites with all kinds of IBS information.  Some sites are too technical, others are too jumbled.

Some are giant advertisements for a product.

“All you have to do is buy product X and your troubles are over.”

Unfortunately, solving this puzzle is a little more complicated than that.

BUT YOU CAN DO IT. The pages of this site have IBS information to help you.

A Lot of People Have IBS.

You’re not alone.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My wife has it. As many as 1 person out of 5 has IBS symptoms.

It took me a while to find out what was giving me so much abdominal pain and bloating, along with a host of other symptoms.  I read the books and the latest  research about causes of irritable bowel syndrome.  I experimented with elimination diets and alternative therapies. I dug in seeking any IBS information out there that could help.

I put the pieces together over months and years, and finally got relief.

I put together this IBS information site, so that you can get some relief too.

So look around. And don’t give up!

You can find out more information about IBS symptoms and what causes IBS, or better yet, proceed to the IBS First Steps page.

Latest Posts

IBS Depression and Anxiety

What a miserable trio! Many people with IBS find that they also have bouts of anxiety and/or depression. If this sounds like you, please know that you are not alone. Scientific studies have shown that people with IBS are very likely to also have problems with anxiety and/or depression. IBS and Depression… Is there a link? Depression is believed to be caused by problems with neurotransmitters, particularly one called Serotonin. As I explained in the IBS Brain Gut Connection page, there is more serotonin in your bowels than in the rest of your nervous system! Could it be that the problems with your bowels are related to a problem with serotonin production? Could the same problem be causi... »

Stress and IBS

There is a reason IBS is sometimes called a “nervous stomach.” Studies show that stress doesn’t CAUSE IBS, but anyone with IBS knows that stress can trigger  IBS symptoms or even a full IBS attack. Any time there’s a  lot of stress in my life I immediately start to feel the abdominal pain in my colon, and other symptoms of IBS. So what is the link between stress and ibs. Stress, anxiety, and fear all work on the bowels. Some peoplel believe It’s mother natures way of preparing you for being chased by a predator. Why does stress get your bowels on high alert? A lot of animals defecate (poop) when they’re stressed or afraid. Human being are kind of the same ... »

The Brain Gut Connection

How your mind could be giving your body IBS, and what you can do about it. Most people have heard the expression “If you have the guts”. There are a lot of expressions like that: Intestinal fortitude, do you have the guts, fire in the belly, a gut reaction, I had a gut feeling about that, etc. What that’s basically saying is, if you’re really scared or nervous it will affect your “guts,” or that your guts can effect your decisions or your emotions. These expressions have been around for ages. It’s no wonder then that science has now proven the brain gut link. The enteric nervous system… Your gut has a brain. Neurons are part of the brain and ne... »

Soy Sensitivity

Is this “health food” hurting your health? Soy sensitivity (also called soy intolerance) affects many people. Most people don’t even know what soy is.  Yet many people suffer from the effects soy has on their digestive tract. Many people have a soy sensitivity and don’t even know it. Soy is in all kinds of foods either as soy bean oil, as a meat filler, as a meat substitute (like tofu). Soy can be found in MANY OTHER FOODS! Note that soy isn’t the the only food people have trouble with. Find out more about “ Food Intolerance.   Is soy sensitivity the same as a soy allergy? No, a soy allergy is extremely common (one of the 8 most common food allergens)... »

Fatty Foods

A delicious way to trigger IBS symptoms! Do you like fried food? What about some ice cream? OOOH, how about some fried ice cream?! How about cold cuts? Or Bacon? Or fried eggs on toast? I love all that stuff. And it can make me sick as heck (or that other place). It turns out that fatty foods are bad for your IBS as WELL as your arteries! How do fatty foods cause IBS symptoms? The human digestive system breaks down food into raw materials and energy. Fat is hard to digest, particularly since we tend to eat too much of it all at once. The body uses something called bile to break down fats (stored in the gall bladder). Once the bile breaks down the fats our bodies can digest them more easily. ... »

Hydrogen Breath Test

One simple test, many helpful results! A hydrogen breath test can be a useful diagnostict tool. It’s often used to determine what kinds of problems might be going on in your bowels. Although some people think of this test as a lactose intolerance test, it has many other uses. I’ll describe some in a minute, but first of all… What is a hydrogen breath test? At the end of the day, a hydrogen breath test is really a test for undigested food, or bacteria in the wrong place in your bowels. Here’s how a hydrogen breath test works. After not eating anything for a while (usually 8 to 12 hours or so) you drink a fluid containing a certain kind of sugar. The kind of sugar depen... »

Visceral Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Are your bowels oversensitive? For the last few years there has been a lot of discussion about yet another possible cause of IBS symptoms. It’s called visceral hypersensitivity  or visceral hypersensitivity syndrome, and it’s part of something called “functional gastrointestinal disorders.” Whew! I try to keep things readable around here, but it looks like I’ll be slinging around some tough terms in this one. Let’s get to it, shall we?     So what is visceral hypersensitivity syndrome? First of all, viscera means the internal organs in the main part of the body, especially those in the abdomen, like your intestines. Having hypersensitive viscera ... »

Chewing Gum and Gas

Blowing bubbles you don’t want! Many people ask whether chewing gum causes gas. Some people wonder if chewing gum can lead to other IBS symptoms like diarrhea. Here’s where you can find out. Chewing gum and gas, is there a connection? Definitely. Everyone that chews gum swallows little bits of air. As the air builds up in the stomach, the person chewing the gum usually belches/burps it up. BUT, not all of it comes up… And it’s gotta go somewhere ;). So the small amounts of air move through the bowels and build up. Eventually it comes out the tailpipe (so to speak). But there are some important things than can happen on the way. Can chewing gum and gas cause other IBS ... »

Rifaximin and IBS

Proof that bacteria may be causing your IBS symptoms. Two important clinical studies from the University of North Carolina, show Rifaximin (sold under the brand name Xifaxan) can reduce or eliminate IBS symptoms in many people. Researchers gave people with IBS-D (the diarrhea type) 550 milligrams of Rifaximin 3 times a day for two weeks. About 40 percent of the test subjects had relief from their bloating, diarrhea and abdominal pain! In my opinion the studies showed some important things about the IBS mind-body connection What is Rifaximin? Rifaximin (Xifaxan) is a special kind of antibiotic (a drug that kills bacteria). It’s used especially to treat traveler’s diarrhea, which i... »

Finding an IBS Doctor

Don’t try to face this alone. If you have IBS symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS, you need to find the right doctor. An IBS doctor (not an official title but it should be in my opinion), is someone that you can talk to, someone who will listen, someone that will take the time to explain things. He or she also needs to know or believe in IBS.  Not all doctors do. Sorry, but finding an IBS Doctor is YOUR JOB! It would be nice if every doctor knew a lot about IBS and you could just talk to them and get help. But IBS is pretty much a mystery. No one knows exactly what causes IBS Symptoms, and some doctors don’t even believe in it. The reason I say it’s your job, is that you need he... »