If You have IBS, you have come to the right place..

The IBS information on this site has kept irritable bowel syndrome from ruining my life.  It also contains information about IBS that others have used to greatly improve their lives, or even cure IBS symptoms. Maybe it can help you too!

How long did you have the bloating, diarrhea or constipation of IBS?

And how long before you got an IBS diagnosis?

Most people search for years before finding a name for it.  Doctors run test after expensive test, until you start to lose hope of finding any relief.

But many people believe that a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a catch-all for “We can’t figure out what’s going on inside you.”

There are usually some vague recommendations about fiber and avoiding fatty foods, maybe a pamphlet with a little IBS information, and off you go.

Home.  To the Bathroom.

I want you to know, that can change.

Living With IBS Doesn’t Have to Mean Misery.

There are plenty things you can do to help IBS symptoms.  There are plenty of people that have even found ways to completely eliminate IBS symptoms. What they needed was good information about irritable bowel syndrome.

And there is plenty of IBS information out there.

Finding real help can be a challenge though.  There are a lot of sites with all kinds of IBS information.  Some sites are too technical, others are too jumbled.

Some are giant advertisements for a product.

“All you have to do is buy product X and your troubles are over.”

Unfortunately, solving this puzzle is a little more complicated than that.

BUT YOU CAN DO IT. The pages of this site have IBS information to help you.

A Lot of People Have IBS.

You’re not alone.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My wife has it. As many as 1 person out of 5 has IBS symptoms.

It took me a while to find out what was giving me so much abdominal pain and bloating, along with a host of other symptoms.  I read the books and the latest  research about causes of irritable bowel syndrome.  I experimented with elimination diets and alternative therapies. I dug in seeking any IBS information out there that could help.

I put the pieces together over months and years, and finally got relief.

I put together this IBS information site, so that you can get some relief too.

So look around. And don’t give up!

You can find out more information about IBS symptoms and what causes IBS, or better yet, proceed to the IBS First Steps page.

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Constipation and IBS Guide

What it is – What causes it – What to do about it Chronic constipation is like regular constipation, but it keeps coming back. We’ll look at some of the reasons why in the causes section. First let’s have a look at what you’ve been dealing with.     Constipation Symptoms Okay first you get all the regular constipation symptoms: Straining during a bowel movement Bloating Gas Weakness Low energy Abdominal discomfort Feeling like you didn’t get it all out (a feeling of incomplete evacuation) If you get weak, tired, or feel faint also see: Abdominal Pain and Fatigue Constipation and IBS With IBS You’ll get some or all of the symptoms above, plu... »

Fructose Malabsorption and Fructose Intolerance

Or how raisins kicked my butt! Fructose malabsorption or fructose intolerance basically means that your body has problems digesting fructose. Fructose is the sugar in fruit and lots of other foods. It was one of the last pieces of the IBS puzzle for me and may be important for you. Here’s what happened to me, is it happening to you? I stopped eating all kinds of junk food and put together a good, healthy diet. I admit I used to have terrible eating habits. So I added all kinds of fruit, nuts and lean meat etc. I added lots of fruits because I’ve never been good about eating vegetables. Besides fruit is supposed to be good for you, right?! And it usually is… But my IBS sympt... »

Wheat Sensitivity

Or Death by Bagel… The words wheat sensitivity seem pretty harmless. But this common food intolerance can cause you all kinds of grief. Studies show that as many as 1 out of 100 people become VERY SICK from eating wheat products… And that’s just people that have celiac sprue disease (see below). Because people can have a sensitivity to wheat even without celiac sprue, the number of people that are wheat intolerant could be much higher! Symptoms of wheat intolerance or sensitivity: Here are the most common symptoms caused by wheat sensitivity. You may not have them all. Bloating Constipation Diarrhea Skin problems (dermatitis herpetiformis) Pale, foul-smelling stool Fatty st... »

Could You Be Lactose Intolerant?

Many people who think they have IBS are actually lactose intolerant. Of course it’s possible to have IBS and have trouble with lactose too! Lactose intolerance can cause just about all of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The good news is that if your IBS is simply lactose intolerance you can cure yourself by avoiding dairy products. The bad news is, that to cure yourself you MAY need to avoid dairy products. :( More on that in in a minute. There’s hope! What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? Diarrhea Bloating Gas Nausea Abdominal (belly) cramps Abdominal pain Floating stool (poop) Foul smelling stool I bet some of those symptoms seem familiar. Lactose intolerance ... »

IBS Diet: The Best Food Elimination Diet for IBS Treatment

What is a food elimination diet? A food elimination diet can help you find foods that are causing health problems. Finding and removing problem foods has helped some people reduce or even eliminate symptoms of IBS, eczema, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and mental health issues like depression and ADHD. Though I admit that going on a food elimination diet and tracking foods in a food diary is a pain in the, um, neck, it’s important. ` have problems with certain foods. Finding out which foods give you trouble, and removing them from your diet, can REALLY help cut down on your IBS symptoms. Doesn’t that makes it worth the aggravation?! Some important notes before sta... »

What is Chronic Diarrhea: Symptoms, Causes & Remedies

Chronic diarrhea is diarrhea doesn’t go away, or that keeps coming back. It’s different from the diarrhea you get with something like “the stomach flu.” Chronic diarrhea is one of the main IBS symptoms. The stomach flu (doctors call it gastroenteritis) is caused by a virus or bacteria. The stomach flu lasts from 1 to 10 days, depending on what’s causing it. You should contact your doctor or medical professional if you still have diarrhea after 10 days. Definitely call a medical professional right away if you see any blood! With any kind of diarrhea you need to make sure you’re not getting dehydrated, which can be dangerous. Chronic Diarrhea Keeps Coming Ba... »

The Human Digestive System

Here is a quick tour of the human digestive system. Knowing how it works can help you understand what’s going wrong, and THAT can be the key to getting it fixed! Note that the digestive system is incredibly complex. We’re not going into deep detail here. This is just what you need to know to understand your irritable bowel syndrome. See “What is IBS” or find out more about “IBS symptoms“. What is Digestion and Why is it Important? The human digestive system does the amazing job of taking food and breaking it down into the basic building blocks (nutrients) you need to survive. It then allows these nutrients to pass into your blood stream. Your body takes th... »

What is IBS?

Here Are Some Quick Facts: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a complicated illness that effects the intestines (also known as bowels). IBS is a “syndrome.” The word syndrome means a group of symptoms and signs that indicate a disease or health problem. Some of the Symptoms of IBS Include: Intestinal gas Bloating Abdominal pain Constipation Diarrhea There are many more. For more information about IBS symptoms go to the IBS Symptoms page. Irritable bowel syndrome is a “functional” medical problem. That means there is is nothing structurally wrong with your bowels. Instead, the problem comes from how the bowels function. You Are Not Alone One person out of 5 has symptoms... »

Did Someone in Your Family Have a Spastic Colon?

IBS Often Runs in Families IBS has had many names, spastic colon, mucous colitis and others listed below. Since it can often run in families knowing some of the other names might help you find out if someone else in your family ever had it. Family History Can Help You My grandfather and I were known to have the same nervous stomach. As I got older and my IBS got worse, I’ve used some of the things he told me worked for him. He never drank coffee or milk for instance. Unfortunately many people don’t like talking about “potty habits” or whatever, so that family history may have been lost. Frankly, some of the older folks in my family seemed to go on about it all day! Fi... »