If You have IBS, you have come to the right place..

The IBS information on this site has kept irritable bowel syndrome from ruining my life.  It also contains information about IBS that others have used to greatly improve their lives, or even cure IBS symptoms. Maybe it can help you too!

How long did you have the bloating, diarrhea or constipation of IBS?

And how long before you got an IBS diagnosis?

Most people search for years before finding a name for it.  Doctors run test after expensive test, until you start to lose hope of finding any relief.

But many people believe that a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a catch-all for “We can’t figure out what’s going on inside you.”

There are usually some vague recommendations about fiber and avoiding fatty foods, maybe a pamphlet with a little IBS information, and off you go.

Home.  To the Bathroom.

I want you to know, that can change.

Living With IBS Doesn’t Have to Mean Misery.

There are plenty things you can do to help IBS symptoms.  There are plenty of people that have even found ways to completely eliminate IBS symptoms. What they needed was good information about irritable bowel syndrome.

And there is plenty of IBS information out there.

Finding real help can be a challenge though.  There are a lot of sites with all kinds of IBS information.  Some sites are too technical, others are too jumbled.

Some are giant advertisements for a product.

“All you have to do is buy product X and your troubles are over.”

Unfortunately, solving this puzzle is a little more complicated than that.

BUT YOU CAN DO IT. The pages of this site have IBS information to help you.

A Lot of People Have IBS.

You’re not alone.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My wife has it. As many as 1 person out of 5 has IBS symptoms.

It took me a while to find out what was giving me so much abdominal pain and bloating, along with a host of other symptoms.  I read the books and the latest  research about causes of irritable bowel syndrome.  I experimented with elimination diets and alternative therapies. I dug in seeking any IBS information out there that could help.

I put the pieces together over months and years, and finally got relief.

I put together this IBS information site, so that you can get some relief too.

So look around. And don’t give up!

You can find out more information about IBS symptoms and what causes IBS, or better yet, proceed to the IBS First Steps page.

Latest Posts

IBS Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a common condition with an unknown cause. It affects the large intestine, also known as the colon. The condition is chronic and is often characterized by intermittent flare-ups of symptoms. IBS does not cause any changes to the bowel tissue and it doesn’t lead to an increased risk for colorectal cancer. According to the recent researches, as many as 1 in 5 American adults shows signs of IBS. Women are affected more frequently than men. However, both men and women of all ages can be affected by IBS. Even children can have the condition. IBS symptoms may be mild or severe. IBS can be managed with medication as well as lifestyle and diet changes. IBS S... »

Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Puzzle So Far… Irritable bowel syndrome is the name for a group of symptoms, not a disease. It’s not like the flu. The flu has one cause, the influenza virus. IBS doesn’t seem to be like that, in fact there may be many causes of irritable bowel syndrome. That’s why it’s so hard to nail down. At this point, no one has found one specific cause of IBS. But thanks to tireless work of countless researchers, we know a lot more about it, and what you can do to prevent symptoms of IBS. Listed below are some of the current theories about the causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Included in the list are some things don’t cause IBS, but can make it worse or trigge... »

Food Intolerance and IBS

Many people have a food intolerance or food allergy and don’t even know it. Studies have shown that people can reduce or even eliminate IBS symptoms removing problem foods from their diet! Food allergy… Food intolerance… Food sensitivity? What’s the difference? Does a food sensitivity have your guts tied up in knots? © Bigstock.com   An intolerance is not the same as an allergy. A food allergy is an abnormal response by your immune system to something you ate or drank. The good news is that (according to the Mayo Clinic) only about 2% of adults and 6% of children have food allergies. What a lot of people think of as food allergies are really an intolerance, which... »