Problems with soy, dairy and corn

I’ve had issues all my life, but never really known the cause. Cutting out soy (and all bread containing soy flour, i.e. almost all brands in the UK) has helped a great deal with my problems. Certainly can’t eat any Chinese food without days of suffering!

Sadly my son has similar problems with soy, dairy and also corn – any of which will cause discomfort and after 3+ days will lead to blood in stools. Took us a long time to isolate that corn was still causing the problems after cutting out all known allergens for a year+ and keeping a detailed food diary. Corn is not recognized as an allergen in the UK, but it is certainly one, sadly corn derivatives are in everything, dextrose, corn starch, maize starch etc. Basically, no processed food is safe.

This is a user story submitted by A Father on 31st of May 2018. 

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