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Hydrogen Breath Test

One simple test, many helpful results! A simple hydrogen breath test can tell all kinds of things about your health!© Can Stock PhotoA hydrogen breath test can be a useful diagnostict tool.It's often used to determine what kinds of problems might be going on in your bowels. Although some people think of this test as ...

Finding an IBS Doctor

Don't try to face this alone. Looking for a doctor that knows how to treat IBS can be time consuming, but important. You need to find someone you're comfortable with.© Can Stock PhotoIf you have IBS symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS, you need to find the right doctor.An IBS doctor (not an official title ...

IBS Diagnosis and Self Diagnosis

WARNING: Self diagnosis can be deadly. Self diagnosis can be VERY DANGEROUS.Usually I try to keep my posts on the positive/bright side... BUT... This one is about IBS self diagnosis and self diagnosis in general, so, I'm going to have to rant a bit. I've recently read posts from people trying to figure out if they ...