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Enteric Peppermint Oil Capsules for IBS

Cooling and soothing away your IBS symptoms. Peppermint can be a very versatile pain reliever. It helps many people with IBS. The enteric capsules seem to work best.© Can Stock PhotoI've used peppermint oil in the form of capsules to successfully treat my IBS symptoms.I mentioned it on another page and a very kind reader ...

The Brain Gut Connection

How your mind could be giving your body IBS, and what you can do about it. The brain gut connection shown here in red. © Can Stock PhotoMost people have heard the expression 'If you have the guts'. There are a lot of expressions like that: Intestinal fortitude, do you have the guts, fire in the ...

Finding an IBS Doctor

Don't try to face this alone. Looking for a doctor that knows how to treat IBS can be time consuming, but important. You need to find someone you're comfortable with.© Can Stock PhotoIf you have IBS symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS, you need to find the right doctor.An IBS doctor (not an official title ...