Any Endocrinologists in the USA that do treat for Visceral Hypersensitivity?

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    Martine Good

    Hello peeps,

    I have been suffering from Visceral Hypersensitivity for three years now. I do have IBS-C, and the pain started when I was at the tail end of pre menopause and moving into menopause, and continued to get worse as my hormones dropped. After having a hysterectomy, the pain was full blown, including all of my organs and the muscle wall of my chest. Even my hearing is more acute. I have seen 12 doctors here in Canada so far – none have heard of this, nor do they want to. I have read a couple of articles on the internet that state that V.H. is linked to women whom have IBS and are going through menopause. I am seeing an Endocrinologist, but he hasn’t heard of it either. He has me on the regular hormone therapy and it does help a bit, but there are other hormones involved. He, as well, doesn’t want to put any effort into researching this. I don’t want to take the low dose antidepressants due to the nasty side effects. Do you know of any Endocrinologists in the USA that do treat for V.H.? I am willing to travel, just to get this figured out.

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    There is no cure or true effective treatment for hypersensitivity. The only thing that helps the symptoms is Levsin or Bentyl. You feel all of the workings of your organs as pain, sometimes the flow of your blood as it streams throughout your body is painful. Even breathing or crying is sometimes painful. My poor baby was diagnosed with this at the onset of puberty. She was born with it and been acute at the onset of puberty. Several doctors kept telling us she was making the pain up just for attention. No one was truly taking the time to truly listen until we finally met with a pediatric gastroenterologist. The doctor took the time to run tests and afterwards told us she knew the cause but unfortunately, there is no cure. Naproxen helps somewhat, but the pain is always there. We’ve dealing with this for over 10 years. The upsides are her hearing and sense of self are very acute. She also heals rather fast. It seems that patients who suffer from this are dismissed by the medical professionals because they have not encountered this. It is related to IBS. Don’t bother with antidepressants as they do not help.

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    Dr? Braden Kuo diagnosed me. He works out of Mass general in Boston MA good luck!

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    Did he prescribe anything that actually helps you or was it just a diagnosis?

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